Winter in Turkey

In winter it is usually very dirty weather in the Netherlands. That is why it is a good option to go to Turkey in winter. In Turkey it is a lot warmer than in the Netherlands. At the end of this blog you will know exactly why it is wise to travel to Turkey in winter.

Temperature in Turkey

January is known as the coldest month in Turkey. The temperatures are still a lot higher than here in the Netherlands. It is 10 to 15 degrees in Turkey in January (in the south). In the north, however, it is a lot colder and you can therefore possibly go on winter sports. The locations in the north are excellent for winter sports. The areas are not yet very well known to most tourists and that ensures that it is very quiet. So it is the ideal location to start skiing or snowboarding.

In the south, however, it is better weather than in the Netherlands. It’s not a weather to lie on the beach in winter and eat ice creams. It is therefore wonderful weather to take a city break in Antalya, for example. Antalya has a number of historic buildings and a centre where you can shop. It is important to know how best to finish as you can save a lot of money with this. You can move from Antalya to a number of other places such as Marmaris or Side. These both have their own beauties and are well worth visiting.

Activities in Turkish winter

Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Ride:

Cappadocia is known for its beautiful scenery and is therefore definitely recommended to visit. It’s just a beautiful landscape to drive through by car. If you do not have fear of heights, we recommend that you take a hot air balloon ride over the landscape. You can see even better in the air how beautiful this landscape is.

In the ideal conditions, the country is covered with a small layer of snow. This creates a magical effect. We recommend that you first investigate the companies that offer this. If the flight does not go ahead there are a number of agencies that do not return your money and see this as a risk. However, it is wise to book early because this trip is very popular among tourists.

Winter Hike

So it can get very cold in the north of Turkey. However, the snowfall is not guaranteed what causes a lot of outdoor activities to still be done in winter. An activity that is very nice to do is to hicsh. The ideal region for this is the beautiful Cappadocia.

The hicjugating is also possible with snowfall only you have to be good to be. The most famous hike routes are those through the love valley. There are also a number of other routes that you can do, which are less crowded and therefore give you more freedom. For hiking, it is important that you bring warm clothes and good shoes. Are you curious what else to bring with you while you are on holiday to Turkey? Then read our blog about what should not be missing in your suitcase on vacation to Turkey.

Winter Sports Turkey

As previously appointed, Turkey is also an ideal country for Winter Sports. The ski resorts are very large and moreover not affected by mass tourism. So it is an ideal country to start ski lessons. The resorts are very close to the ski resorts and the ski resorts are equipped with modern features such as several ski lifts.

For the real daredevils it is also possible to go skiing off the made paths. For example, you can be dropped off by helicopter at a private location where you can enjoy all freedom. We have selected for you exactly what the most beautiful ski resorts are and what equipment they have. The information can be found in our blog about the ski season in Turkey.

Visa for a winter holiday

However, it is important to purchase a visa turkey for a winter holiday. It is therefore important that you have this visa. However, we recommend that you order the cheapest visa Turkey 2020 from us. It ensures that you don’t have to be in that long line at the airport.

You can follow our visa visa turkey roadmap and be a lot more secure that your visa application goes well. If you are still experiencing difficulties, you can always contact us via our contact page Turkey. For other questions, please refer to our Faq Turkey.


You now know exactly why Turkey is a good holiday country to visit in winter. The country is very versatile so there is a temperature around 15 degrees in the south and there is room in the north for a winter sports holiday. We wish you a nice trip and a good holiday!

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