Why Turkey is the ideal retreat in the autumn

Autumn has arrived again and the cold rainy weather is coming to the Netherlands. Turkey is the ideal retreat for an autumn with fine and mild temperatures. It is less than 3 hours flying to Istanbul which ensures that you can quickly enjoy the tasty temperatures in Turkey. At the end of this blog you will know exactly why you should go on holiday to Turkey in the autumn.


The temperature in the autumn holidays varies by region. In the north it is usually a bit less pleasant and you have slightly finer temperatures than in the Netherlands. However, we recommend that you travel more south, as you have the most chance of sun hours and the highest temperatures here. In the south, temperatures are usually still around 25 degrees. We recommend that you visit the Side, Antalya or Marmaris areas. These cities all have their own advantages that we will briefly mention below for you.

Antalya: The place is known for its beach holidays in summer. It hardly rains there and is dry all year round. The city has always maintained its cosy and authentic centre and ensures that you can shop here. However, it is very important that you know what you can take back from Turkey. Would you like more information about Antalya you can find it in our blog about: ”what to do in Antalya’.

Side: Is a well-known retreat for families. Turkey is known for its long golden beaches and its history. For example, did you know that Side is the only city in Turkey that has been systematically excavated. Furthermore, there is a suspicion that a part of the old Side is hidden under the beach. Side is therefore also a very good option and most of the information we have recorded in our blog about a holiday in Side.

Marmaris: This town is located in a private bay on the Lycian coast. The water is very clear and is seen as ideal bathing water. The city is also known for its beautiful marina which is very popular among the richer people. It is therefore well worth visiting and ensures a good temperature due to its convenient southern location. For more information you can read our blog about what to do in Marmaris.

On holiday with the family

Turkey is also known as an ideal family resort. However, the costs are a bit higher in the autumn holidays than outside the holidays. We have been looking for an all-inclusive holiday just outside the autumn holidays and in the autumn holidays (prices 2019). The prices are as follows:

  • outside autumn holidays: 580 euros per person
  • in autumn holidays 755 euros per person

However, it is very cheap to go to Turkey in the autumn holidays in relation to other countries. The Turks are also very welcoming and love children. The children are treated like small princes and princesses in the resorts and can expect nice reactions from the staff. However, a whole number of occasions in Turkey also offer free access for children up to and including 12 years. The other members of the family we recommend to pay with the Turkish lira. If you would like more information about the difference between the Turkish lira and the Euro, you can find it in our blog.

Do you need babies and other children with a visa? Anyone wishing to travel to Turkey needs a valid visa, including your baby, toddler, infant or older child. If you would like more information about this, please read it in our blog on visas for children. The visas can be ordered from home so you can purchase the cheapest visa Turkey 2020 from home.

Visa application

However, for a holiday to Turkey, you can use turkey visas. Nowadays it is possible to order this visa from home. Ordering from home has the advantages that you don’t have to be at the airport in the long line and you can buy the visa cheaper. The application is very easy to do from home and can be followed via our visa application visa application turkey roadmap.

However, make sure that the document number never contains the letter O but this is always number 0. If you do not get out during your application you can always take a look at our FAQ Turkey. However, customer service is also at your service to answer your other questions. In short, a visa application from home is much easier and cheaper than a visa application at the airport.


Turkey is therefore a great option for a holiday in the autumn. The ideal temperatures offer a great retreat and the Turks are also very welcoming and fond of children. The perfect holiday for autumn is definitely a trip to Turkey.

However, you can use turkey for a trip to Turkey. This is easy to request from us and the cheapest available in the Netherlands.

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