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Ideal roadmap for a holiday to Turkey

If you are going on holiday to Turkey you are at the right place. We also offer e-visas so that you do not have to buy them at a much too high price. This way you have the convenience that you can order it from us and receive it via you w mailbox. If something is going on with the order, you can always reach us by phone or live chat. Furthermore, at Visum4me We have years of experience with holidaymakers and keep you updated on a weekly basis with the latest news and facts from Turkey.

We have created a roadmap for you to create an ideal plan for a holiday to Turkey.


First, it is important to know what to bring to a country like Turkey . What many people do not know, for example, is that there is no toilet paper in certain places in Turkey. It is therefore very important that you bring a number of rolls so that you can do your need at all times. It is also important if you want to visit some mosques to bring a scarf. You have to wear it before your mouth during the visit. Furthermore, we have recorded several other things that you have to take with you.

Visa applications

After that, it is important to know what data you need to apply for a visa. For example, do you know that you can also request a visa for someone else if you have the necessary information. However, there are a number of people who find it difficult to apply for a visa. That is why we have created a roadmap for you to explain how you can order a visa with us step by step. An important tip when filling out is that on your Passport/ID card you can never stand an O but this is always a zero. If you are interested in our tips or the roadmap.

Different vacations Turkey

If you have packed the suitcase and have ordered your visa. Are you ready to go to Turkey. But where are you going? On what kind of holiday are you going? However, we cannot make this choice for you we do have a lot of information about the different holiday options in Turkey.

So many people do not know that you can also go on a ski holiday in Turkey. Yet Turkey has a hilly area which makes it very suitable for winter sports. We have listed for you the most beautiful ski areas in Turkey so you are sure you will experience a nice skiing holiday turkey . These areas are very quiet compared to Austria and Switzerland. This ensures that you get a maximum ski experience and do not have to go non stop on the side for other winter sports enthusiasts.

However, the most popular holidays in Turkey are the sun holiday. But where in Turkey do you go on holiday? Where to find the most beautiful beaches of turkey? Exactly where in Turkey we cannot determine for you since Turkey is so big and the different places all have their own advantage.

Top Holiday locations in Turkey

However, we have a number of preferences for an ideal sun holiday. Our first choice really goes to the paradisiacal Dalyan. Here you can spot turtles and enjoy the wonderful peaceful nature.

Our 2nd choice for a holiday to Turkey is going to be the famous seaside resort of Side. However, it is very crowded here, but this is not so crazy either. Side is known for its many monuments and beautiful beaches. Many of the monuments in Side should have seen you once in your life. The sights are very unique and create a distinct but fine atmosphere. So a holiday to Side is definitely recommended!

The 3rd choice of Visum4me has really fallen on the big city of Istanbul. This is not so much about a beach holiday but more about the historical and cultural centre of Istanbul. For instance, there are several museums and mosques in Istanbul that meet everyone’s experience world. However, when entering this you should think of wearing a scarf for your mouth.

Things to do in Turkey

Finally arrived in Turkey. But what will you do if you are here? We have a number of recommendations for you that are definitely worth it. Visum4me encourages you to make a cruise in the Mediterranean region of Turkey. On this cruising you will pass beautifully overgrown stretches and small white sandy beaches with extremely clear water. We also recommend you to visit the most beautiful beaches of Turkey. The beaches in Turkey differ a lot in quality. We have set the best for you so that you can visit the most beautiful and you do not miss this on your ideal holiday in Turkey.

Information Turkey

Once you have arrived in Turkey, you will enjoy a delicious bowl of Turkish coffee. But have you heard about the delicious Turkish breakfast . However, this is a bit fat but really worth a try. The Turks love to eat and see breakfast as the most important meal of the day. But how will you order it in a traditional Turkish restaurant. We have also thought of this so we have left some useful and important Turkish phrases for you. These ensure that you save yourself at all times and also appreciate the Turks. Because respect is high in Turkish culture. Another way of life is also assumed and religion is different from the Netherlands. Thus, the main religion in Turkey is Islam. However, here are many different currents.

However, this beautiful trip to Turkey is not necessary without a visa. You can get this cheapest with us and you will also have the convenience of not having to be in the long line at the airport. Moreover, it is very easy to request and we are always prepared to help through the live chat.



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