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Turkey sunburn-How to prevent your turkey holiday from falling into the water

A sun-burnt skin is no fun way to start or end your beautiful holiday in Turkey . Visum4me has therefore collected six tips for you, on how to prevent sunburn during your holiday turkey.

1 # stay (as much as possible) in the shade between 12 and 16, when the sun is strongest. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water during the day, so you get enough moisture.

2 # Wear light and loose clothing to protect the skin from the sun. Remember that all types of clothing are better than nothing to protect your skin from the sun.

3 # Please note that certain medications you use during your turkey holiday may increase the risk of sunburn because the medication contains substances that cause the skin to absorb more sun rays. If in doubt, you can ask your doctor for advice about which medications require extra attention when sunbathing.

4 # Use good sunglasses and cover your head with a hat or cap to prevent sunburn during your turkey vacation.

5 # Use a good sunscreen and lubricate again during the day and after swimming. Remember that children need more sun protection than adults, and a higher factor, for example, Factor 50.

6 # Remember that you can still burn through the sun in the sea and in the pool. Although the water cools your body, the sun can still burn your skin.

In the unlikely event of severe sunburn in Turkey, it is important that you contact a physician for help and treatment. If you want to visit a doctor in Turkey, you must have a travel insurance. Otherwise you have to pay for the treatment yourself.

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