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How do I apply a visa to Visum4me

Do you want to go to Turkey for a week but don’t know how to apply for a visa with us? We have described for you step by step how to apply for a visa from us. This allows you to go to Turkey without any problems at the airport. When you have come to the end of this blog you know exactly how to apply for a visa with us.

Step 1:

You will first go to the order page for a visa to Turkey. This page lists a table in which you need to enter the correct data. It is very important to go through all these steps well and double-check. The application you submit to us is seen as an official application and must therefore be correct. We have left an example below for you of the data you need to enter at step 1.

First name: Peter

Last name: Janssen


Mobile: 0623113409

Arrival: 08/12/2018

1 traveller

Check the data again before you click. If you have completed all this information and have double checked you are ready to continue to step 2

Step 2:

You will be able to complete the fill-in form. This fill-in form is processed by us so make sure the data is correct.

First name: Here it is important that you fill in all the first names you have. This information is also listed on your ID card/passport. You should literally take over this information in the application.

Last name: This one speaks in principle for itself. A common question with us, however, is: Do I fill my maiden name or the last name I got at my wedding? It answers to this question is simple literally take the data from your ID card/passport this data are always correct.

Date of birth: The date of birth speaks for itself that you fill in the correct data. This is of great importance to the visa.

Place of birth: Here you fill in the place where you were born (so not the place where you currently live :p)

Document type: You will receive a drop-down menu here in which you can choose between passport and identity card. If you have an alien document for these documents, we do not support visa applications

Document number: Herein you must indicate the document number that is listed on your passport/ID card. Please note that your passport never contains the letter o, this represents the number zero. Furthermore, the document number of a Dutch passport or ID loot consists of a combination of letters and numbers and always starts with 2 letters. In total, there are 9 characters in your document number. For a detailed explanation of the document number for ordering a visa for Turkey, please find here.

Issue date: This is the date that you are issued travel document this can be found under your nationality on the front of your ID card/passport. This issue date must be correct if you wish to travel to Turkey. So check this date carefully before applying to us.

Expiration date: This is the date until when your travel document is valid and therefore up to when you can stay in a country. For example, you knew that your passport should always be valid for 150 days longer after the day you arrive. So make sure that your papoort/id card is valid longer than this date. This expiration date is indicated on your ID card/passport with valid until/date or expiry and is below the date of issue.

Nationality: Here you fill in which country you come from. We accept visas for the following countries: Austria, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, England, United States and Belgium. Applications with Belgian nationality still have a number of conditions. We described these terms and conditions in a blog about applying for a visa with a Belgian passport.

Urgent: If you go on holiday tomorrow but you still need a visa, you can apply for it to us as a matter of urgency. Emergency ordering means that you will receive the visa within 2 hours. This will cost you 7.50 extra. However, we always advise you to order your visa well in advance, so that you will certainly never get any surprises. This feature is automatically checked by us if your request falls within the emergency period. This emergency period applies to people who leave the day of application or the day after application.


First names: Peter

Surnames: Janssen

Date of birth: 08-09-1976

Place of birth: Amsterdam

Document Type: Id Map

Document number: Speci2014

Issue date: 15 January 2014

Expiration date: 15 January 2024

Nationality: Netherlands

Urgent: No

Terms of the Turkish visa

A number of conditions are required to use an e-visa Turkey. We have sued the most important conditions below for you.

  • You are making a tourist trip or a business trip to Turkey.
  • Traveling with a passport? Then it must be valid for another 150 days after arriving in Turkey.
  • You are not allowed to work with a Turkish employer during your stay.
  • You are not allowed to study at a Turkish school during your stay.

For a comprehensive report on Turkey’s visa requirement, please refer you to our blog.

Exceptions for applying for a visa to Turkey

A Visa to Turkey is not mandatory in all cases. For example, do you know that you don’t need a visa if you come ashore by cruise ship and stay ashore for less than 72 hours. Making a move to a Turkish airport is also possible without being in possession of a Turkish visa. However, you may not leave the airport in the meantime. In these situations, you do not need a visa and you can enter the country without it.


You can now apply for a visa from us and you know what to look for during the application. You are also aware of the exceptions for applying for a visa and can now apply for a visa with peace of mind.

If you have any other questions regarding applying for a visa to Turkey, please read our FAQ Turkey. If you really don’t get out, you can always contact the livechat Turkey. This always gives you what to do while requesting or after requesting.

This post is also available in: Nederlands (Dutch) Français (French)