Holiday Turkey: How do you prepare?

A holiday turkey, good choice! Turkey is a surprisingly versatile country where you don’t have to be bored for a minute. For example, read these tips for the most beautiful spots in Turkey. But how do you make sure you are well prepared for travel?

Pay particular attention to the following for your turkey holiday:


A visa is an official document that you need to be allowed to enter Turkey. So you absolutely need it for your turkey holiday. Read more about it here or order it directly quickly, cheaply and easily online. Arrange this well in advance, so you won’t get a surprise at the airport.


Make sure your passport or identity card is still valid for at least half a year after arriving in Turkey. Keep your visa with your passport, so handy.


  • If you go to the south of the country, you need to prepare accordingly, because the area is classified as Zone 1 of malaria
  • Vaccinations against viral hepatitis A, DTP and rabies are highly recommended
  • Always ask advice from your (home) physician for these matters, he or she is professional

General health during your holiday turkey

  • Not recommended to drink tap water or eat on the street
  • It is necessary to wash and peel fruits before they are eaten
  • Wash hands, wash your hands often! You can also take a disinfectant gel on your journey.
  • Are you getting sick anyway? Make sure you always have ORS with you on your turkey holiday. This prevents dehydration.

The best time to go

The summer period is the best season to visit Turkey. In August, it is very warm, especially when you are pulling inland. However, it should be noted that the ideal time for a turkey holiday also varies according to the city. We recommend going to Turkey in June, July or September.


Fares of airline tickets fluctuate frequently and the cheapest offer you walk easily wrong. Prices vary depending on the departure time and the time of booking and the airport of departure. When you want to buy your flight ticket at the best price, book it several months in advance.


In the customs travel App You can see exactly what is allowed during your journey back and forth. Also note the rules of the airline companies themselves! Tips for your suitcase can be found here.


What about housing in Turkey? In Turkey You can stay at one of the campsites that have been developed by the municipalities. But the amenities are often very basic and limited to a shower.

You can also choose to stay in a guest house or a boutique hotel. These are actually old houses which have been artistically restored. But the rent is quite high.

The classic solution is to stay at the hotel. In this case, we recommend that you choose a luxury hotel, because the prices are very reasonable. Check out the offers on the Internet to find the best deal.


In Turkey, the Turkish Lira is the currency, although In some places the euro is also accepted. Read all about it here .






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