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Does my baby or child need a turkey visa?

Yes, your baby or child needs a turkey visa. Anyone wishing to travel to Turkey needs a valid visa, including your baby, toddler, infant or older child.

This also means that your baby or child must have a valid passport or identity card. Without a valid travel document, the visa is not valid. Your child may not be in Turkey! So make sure you arrange this on time. Letting your child write on your own passport is no longer possible since June 2012.

A passport or identity card must be valid for at least six months after arrival in Turkey, this applies to both adults and babies and children. Please note that a passport or identity card for babies and children under 18 years of age is valid for 5 years. For your baby or child and for yourself, you simply ask Turkey visa here at once.

Visa for minor for Turkey: Parent with authority

Check the government site For more information about the documents needed to travel with children. You may need a consent form, stating that the (other) parent with authority gives you permission to travel with the child. You can also contact the Turkish Consulate for more information.

Also don’t forget the passport photo

An official travel document means that your baby also needs a formal passport photo. Luckily, the own for this is something less stringent that for an adult. Looking straight into the camera is not compulsory and babies may be in place of neutral, also smiling in the picture. Unfortunately, crying shouldn’t;)

All in all, it takes time to arrange that your child can join you on holiday to Turkey. Are passports or identity cards regulated? Ask for yourself and your baby or child the visa turkey here easily.

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